Spring is slowly on its way and Summer will be here before you know it, so as we hopefully start to turn off our heating, perhaps it is time to consider a boiler upgrade. McLellan plumbing are here with 5 reasons to upgrade your boiler.

  • Safety

Tenant safety is key if you are a landlord and a dodgy boiler on its last legs will likely cause you more problems that its worth. Badly maintained boilers can potentially leak Carbon Monoxide which is deadly as it has no taste and no smell. Take action sooner rather than later!

  • Help the environment

Modern boilers are infinitely more efficient than older systems, they waste both heat and money. Plus they are a lot more environmentally friendly. Go green and upgrade!

Boiler Upgrade

  • Increased space

Old boilers can take up space from being too big and often being placed in an inconvenient position within your home. New modern boilers are slimmer and better designed. Gain more space from a redesign of your boiler room and install a new up to date system.

  • Better efficiency

Even if you think your boiler has got a good few years left, think about what repairs and upkeep will be like when it really does start running into trouble, additionally they are also a lot less efficient. Worth considering too if you are a landlord, tenants can be fickle and may look for another property if the energy bills start racking up. 

  • Eliminate emergency repairs

If you continue to wait until your boiler is in a state of repair then you will likely have to call for an emergency repair. It means your family might go without heat and hot water for days! Again, if you are a landlord, then your tenants would not be happy having to wait for days on end for a repair. Plus they may also decide to go elsewhere when it comes to renewal time!


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