Saving money is always good – so let McLellan Plumbing & Heating tell you 5 ways that can help to reduce your Energy bills. This week is part 1 and next week we will delve into part 2. Let’s start saving!

Reduce Energy Bills

  1. Install a Smart Thermostat – installing smart stats are a great way to start saving. They allow you to only heat the rooms that you are actually using instead of the whole house. Take a look at some of our previous blogs that go into even more detail about Smart Thermostats: Smart Thermostats – Are they worth it? & Smart features of a Smart Thermostat.
  2. Install a new Boiler – upgrading an aging boiler to a new modern system will undoubtedly save you money in the long-term – take a look at our recent article on 3 Top Boilers for 2019for more information on how to choose your next boiler.
  3. Ask your energy provider to install a smart-meter as it will help you monitor your consumption levels plus it means you don’t need to submit readings anymore to your provider.
  4. Turn-off any stand-by appliances or invest in smart sockets so you can turn off appliance via your mobile device.
  5. Buy more efficient appliances – an A+++ fridge could save you money compared to one with an A+ rating.

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