Slightly later due to the Easter break lets get into Part 2 of 5 more ways to reduce your energy bills thanks to McLellan Plumbing and Heating!

Reduce Energy Bills

  1. Turn down your Thermostat – Almost half of all energy bills are from heating and hot water costs. Just turning down by 1 degree can save up to £75 a year!
  2. Wash clothes at a lower temperature – washing clothes at 30 degrees rather than 40 degrees can reduce costs by almost a third. 
  3. While on the subject of water – running water while washing up costs more than simply filling up a basin. Also remember that a smart shower-head can also save you as much as £75 a year in energy costs. Give us a call if you are thinking of a bathroom upgrade – 07542 781131
  4. Fit Thermostatic Valves to your radiators – set the heating to come on just before you get up and 30 mins before your go to bed.
  5. Ensure any appliances you purchase are verified by the energy savings logo – like the Energy Savings Trust.

Finally, 5 common sense point to remember:

  • Close The Curtains At Night In All Rooms
  • Don’t Leave Windows And Doors Open Unnecessarily
  • Keep Furniture Away From Radiators
  • Use A Shower Or Only Fill The Bath with As Much Water As You Need
  • Turn The Central Heating System Off At Night

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