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Mclellan Plumbing and Heating

What areas we cover?

Mclellan Plumbing and Heating operate their services throughout Scotland’s Central Belt. Being located in Edinburgh and Glasgow we can be with you in under an hour to carry out all Plumbing and Heating Services.

What can you expect from us? A first class service from honest and reliable Plumbers.

Boiler Repair and Upgrades

If you find that suddenly your boiler breaks down and you are without heating or hot water. Call Mclellan Plumbing and Heating for a fast response Plumbing service.  We have been repairing boilers and heating systems for over ten years and will aim to have your boiler functioning correctly as soon as possible. If parts are needed we can source them fairly quickly from our merchants and will arrange to fit upon delivery. Often we are able to get boiler parts the following day from ordering. If you your boiler is beyond economical repair we offer Boiler Upgrades at a very fair price. We fit all types of boilers, have a look at our Blog Page for more information about what type of boiler you have. Over the years we have installed all makes of Boilers and now advise which boilers are best to fit that will suit your budget requirements.

Emergency Plumbing Service

In the event that you find you have a Plumbing Emergency whether it be a leak or your heating system breaks down our on call Emergency Plumber can attend fairly quickly to resolve the issue. With many years experience behind us and a good customer service when we arrive we will quickly if not already found identify the the Plumbing problem and providing no specialist plumbing parts are needed we will repair the fault there and then. Our prices are reasonable and very competitive and you will be given a guide to how much it will cost upon calling our Plumber.

Power Flushing Radiators and Heating Pipework

Do you find that not all of your radiators are heating up correctly? Are your radiators cold at the bottom and hot along the top? If this is the case you most probably could do with a Power Flush of your heating system. Over time sludge buildup will restrict the flow of the water circuit going through your radiators and heating pipework. Its always better to get this power flushed sooner rather than later which will save you costs in having to replace any pipework in the event that a Power Flush is unable to clear any blockage. Mclellan Plumbing and Heating will attend your property the day before the Power Flush and put cleaner into your heating system. At the same time fit if not already fitted we would fit a Magnetic Filter which would help keep your cleaning circuit clean in the future. The day after we would connect our Power Flush machine and spend the day Power Flushing your whole heating circuit doing a radiator at a time. On completion of the Power Flush inhibitor is added into the heating circuit to help keep the system free from rust and excess sludge build up.