There is nothing good about having a cold house due to a broken boiler or a horrible smell coming from blocked drains to make you scramble to find a a decent local plumber. But where do you start and how do you decide on who to choose? Once you have hopefully decided on a plumber much like us at McLellan Plumbing  – remember that our engineers are based all throughout the Central Belt so are
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3 Top Boilers – Looking for a new boiler in 2019? Chances are that if you are googling for a new boiler this winter, one of the reasons for this will definitely be below: Your old boiler has broken down. You would actively like to start saving money on your energy bills. You’ve read that a condensing boiler can save 40% a year on your energy bills (average savings up to £600). You’re losing money
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Our last blog was all about Smart Thermostats and if they were worth your consideration – this time, we take a look at some of the great features that these stats have to offer. ‘Zoned’ Heating – Do I need it? Most smart thermostats, like those offered by Nest or Heatmiser also offer multi-room or multi-zone control which allow you to heat different areas of your home independently. The size of your home can make
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Let us break down the benefits of a smart thermostat and how it could save you money? As we mentioned in our previous blog – you should think about investing in a smart thermostat – you can even control your heating remotely via apps on your smartphone or tablet. First of all, what is a smart thermostat? They are new bits of kit that allow you to connect your heating system to the internet while
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Boilers today are very sturdy and durable, but they are not bulletproof and things can and do wrong. In the colder months, boilers often break down after being off for long periods of time during milder weather. During freezing temperatures, they are often used to their limits. Common boiler faults: No hot water or heating Pressure issues Boiler switching off Strange or loud noises Leaky boilers Pilot lights gone out Freezing Faulty thermostat Radiators not
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