Saving money is always good – so let McLellan Plumbing & Heating tell you 5 ways that can help to reduce your Energy bills. This week is part 1 and next week we will delve into part 2. Let’s start saving! Install a Smart Thermostat – installing smart stats are a great way to start saving. They allow you to only heat the rooms that you are actually using instead of the whole house. Take
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Landlord plumbing repairs – leaky taps, faulty showers or radiators not working as they should – all matters that as a landlord you need to ensure are promptly fixed to ensure your tenants are living in the right condition. As a rule, according to Shelter Scotland tenants should expect any rented accommodation not to have any of the following: has a bad problem with rising or penetrating damp is not structurally stable, for example it’s
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You will know that if you are a landlord that you have a range of legal responsibilities that come with renting out your properties. If you are a new landlord then read on to find out what you should do when a tenant comes to you with a plumbing or heating issue. Scottish Landlord Plumbing and Heating Responsibilities Shelter Scotland state: “Landlords have a duty to ensure that the houses they rent to tenants meet
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If you have moved home or planning to move soon then getting to know the boiler system in your new home should be a priority. Your boiler system might not be part of your home report so don’t neglect this important aspect when moving or else you could end up with a series of repair bills and problems with your heating or hot water.  New Boiler System First thing to consider is to identify what
Bleed your own Radiators – Get Started. With the whirling wind and lashing rain, it’s important to make sure all your radiators in your home are warm. If they are not, then there is something you can do yourself to get them working again. You can bleed any radiators that are not warm – put simply, bleeding a radiator involves letting out any trapped air which in turn will keep your home warmer. What do
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