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Mclellan Plumbing and Heating offer a full Edinburgh Power Flush service throughout Edinburgh and the Lothian’s.

We have been operating as a Plumbing and Heating Business in Edinburgh for over ten years conducting Edinburgh Power Flushing of Heating Systems on a regular basis.

We have the experience needed to get your heating operating back to what it should be. When we turn up to quote we shall be entirely honest with you and explain in depth how the Power Flush will work and what we will do to keep your heating circuit clean in the future.

Read on for more information on why you may need a Power Flush and how one is carried out.

What Happens To Your Heating System Over Time

Over the years your Central Heating will build up with sludge which will settle in your heating pipework and radiators. Sludge build up is a mix of dirt from your central heating water and small particles of rust from your radiators. This starts to circulate and will then settle typically at the bottom of your radiators.

This sludge can also settle in radiator valves and pipework. If you have smaller micro bore pipework in your heating over time it can become more difficult to clean. Once sludge has settled it will restrict the flow of your heating water and this will cause problems such as radiators not heating up as quick as they once did and cold spots appearing on the radiators. Problems can also occur with your boiler with this sludge restricting the Boiler heat exchanger. A symptom of this on a combi boiler is if your hot water fluctuates hot and cold. A Radiator Central Heating Power Flush is an investment on your heating system.

What Will We Do During A Power Flush

The first thing Mclellan Plumbing and Heating would do, if not already fitted would be to fit a Magnetic Filter. This would aid to keep your heating circuit free from rust circulating in the future and would prevent rust particles from going through the heat exchanger in your boiler.

During a Power Flush certain chemicals are used throughout the process. During the start of the Power Flush cleaner is put into the circuit is allowed a change to circulate. This will help break down the buildup of the sludge. While the cleaner is circulating all but one of the radiators would be isolated so that the Power Flush is concentrated on that radiator.

The radiator would be manipulated with a vibrating tool to help loosen the sludge and then the same is down to the remainder of the radiators. Once the Power Flush has been completed the whole system is flushed out with cold water to remove the cleaner left in the system.

The Central Heating inhibitor is then put into the system and this will line in inside of your radiators helping to prevent rust in the future. If need be, we will also replace any radiator valves that are damaged.

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