Moving into a new house is always very exciting but stressful at the same time. Let McLellan Plumbing go over Five Plumbing Points to consider when you move into your new home, so you can feel safe and secure. 

  • Service history of your boiler – Check when the last time your boiler was serviced – more than 10 years old, then consider upgrading. Take a look at one of our previous posts – ‘New Home, New Boiler’
  • Stop Cock location – In the garage, under the sink or cupboard under the stairs – it doesn’t matter where it is, you need to ensure you’ve located it, in case of an emergency.
  • Check your cold water tank – Your cold water tank should have a cover on it – if it doesn’t then you need to get the tank cleaned out and get a lid for it to prevent further contamination. 
  • Lead pipes – do you have them? – Lead pipes are prevalent in homes built before 1970 and can be dangerous to drink from. They are now illegal to use. If you find them in your new home, then we recommend getting them replaced.
  • Check the water pressure – Turn on the tap furthest away from your water source and if the pressure is low then new taps or shower-heads may be required to sort out the issue.

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