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Mclellan Plumbing and Heating are a team of local family run Linlithgow Plumbers and Heating Engineers. We are Gas Safe registered and cover all aspects of Plumbing and Heating. If you are in need ot a Plumber and no matter what Plumbing or Heating services you require, here at Mclellan Plumbing and Heating we have many years experience behind us.

All our plumbers take great pride in their workmanship . They will not complete a job until the customer is 100% satisfied in works carried out.

Linlithgow Boiler & Heating Repairs

If your boiler has stopped working, Mclellan Plumbing and Heating offer an emergency service for Boiler and Heating repairs. There are many parts in the boiler that could be causing it to malfunction.

On calling us out to an heating issue, we will do a full check on your boiler or any external heating components and quickly confirm what is causing the problem. Our Linlithgow Plumber will be able to get any new boiler or heating parts and within a day or two we aim to have your boiler or heating up and running again

Linlithgow Power Flush

Over time your central heating circuit and radiators become clogged with sludge and metallic particles which will eventually cause a number of issues to your heating. Are your radiators cold at the bottom and hot at the top? Are some of your radiators not heating up?

If this is the case with your central heating circuit you may well need a power flush.

During a Linlithgow Power Flush we connect our cleaner to your heating circuit. Special chemicals are then used to break down the sludge which is collected in the cleaner. We manipulate all the radiators so that any sludge in the bottom of them are sent to the cleaner to be collected.

Mclellan Plumbing and Heating regularly carry out Power Flushing of heating systems. After a Power Flush you will see a big difference in the amount of heat radiating from your heating circuit.

For more information call Mclellan Plumbing and Heating on 01506 238048 or 07542 781131

Boiler Upgrades

Has your boiler completely packed in? Is is uneconomical to repair? Do you require a boiler that is much more effective?

Mclellan Plumbing and Heating design and install heating systems. We have installed most makes of Boilers over the years and now stick to install a handful of makes that we have found to be reliable. We are accredited Boiler installers and can provide up to ten years warranty for parts and labour.

If you wish to discus the options available please call Mclellan Plumbing and Heating on 01506 238 048 or 07542 781131

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