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Mclellan Plumbing and Heating are a small family run business of Livingston Plumbers serving all of West Lothian. We have been local Livingston Plumbers in the area for over ten years and provide a full Plumbing and Heating service. Mclellan Plumbing & Heating are Gas Safe registered and our Plumbing and Heating business. Plumbing work is of a very high standard which we will always maintain. We always make sure that the customer is happy with all works completed prior to taking payment call our Plumbers Livingston today.

Boiler Services & Upgrades

A boiler should be serviced annually to ensure that its operating at peak performance. During a full service Mclellan Plumbing and Heating will strip down your boiler down and give it a clean. Once your boiler has been cleaned we will then check how the boiler is working and make any necessary adjustments so that your boiler is burning correctly.

If you have the unfortunate event that your Boiler or Heating breaks down and you call Mclellan Plumbing and Heating.

Our Plumbers Livingston will arrange a time that suits to pop out and check over you Boiler. Once the fault is established by our Plumber you will be provided with a quote to repair. Also if Boiler or Heating parts are needed we can arrange to have them delivered fairly quickly.

Power Flush

Furthermore, being an established family run Plumbing and Heating business we have came across nearly most types of plumbing and heating problems. Your heating system is similar to a car engine where it needs to be looked after.

Problems can occur due to lack of servicing and cleaning of systems. Mclellan Plumbing and Heating will fix your heating in the event of issues occurring. This can be symptoms where radiators are not heating up correctly and this could be due to a build up of sludge in your heating circuit. If this turns out to be the case then your heating will need a Power Flush to clean the system.

Once we have cleaned your heating system we add chemicals along with a filter if one is not already fitted. This is so that your heating circuit remains clean thereafter.

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