Passionate about keeping your central heating system in top condition?

Make sure that your system is always ready and waiting for when you need it the most, especially during the upcoming winter months ahead.

Powerflushing is a specialist service that McLellan Heating & Plumbing can offer to significantly improve your central heating efficiency whilst increasing the longevity of your home’s heating system and stopping any potential breakdowns.

So, what is Powerflushing?

Powerflushing is simply the process of using powerful chemicals that help to flush out any sludge or debris that can accumulate in your radiators or central heating system over a period of months or years.

This will ensure that the water in your central heating system can flow effectively through your central heating system and making sure your whole house is heated effectively and efficiently as possible.

5 top reasons why your system might require Powerflushing:

1 – What if I need to install a new boiler?

Decided on a new boiler? Then you need to Powerflush your system first as the last thing you need is your contaminated system preventing your new boiler from working quickly and effectively. Don’t run the risk of your new boiler getting damaged.

2 – Does your system take too long to heat up?

If your central heating system takes a too long to warm up, then Powerflushing could help in solving the problem. With winter approaching you can’t take the risk with your house taking too long to heat up!

3 – Are you constantly needing to bleed radiators?

Signs of sludge and debris in your heating system will be dark coloured water when you are having to repeatedly bleed your radiators time after time and we recommend Powerflushing to sort out the problem once and for all!

4 – Are some rooms in your home colder than others?

If some rooms within your home are taking too long to heat up then Powerflushing could definitely help. Having a heating system that is as clean and efficient as possible will help ensure that your entire home is heated during the cold months ahead.

If you find that your radiators have spots colder than others then then sludge could have accumulated in your radiator and may need flushed out. This will solve this issue quickly and effectively and your house warm and cosy in no time.

5 – Running out of hot water too often?

No hot water on a cold November evening is a real problem that needs resolved very quickly indeed! More often than not, Powerflushing can help to remove sludge and other matter from your system and bring it back to life.

How Can We Help at McLellan Heating & Plumbing?

Choosing the best plumbing and heating service for your home is not an easy decision, but why not give us a call on 07542 781131 or email us at and let us guide you on all your Powerflushing options.

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